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Gilbertson runner-up at Milan, hopes momentum continues at Maryland Int'l Raceway
Bob Gilbertson came out of the IHRA Motor City Nationals Sunday with a runner-up finish, top speed of the meet and a track record but he's not happy with himself as he lost in the final round due to a holeshot. Gilbertson raced reigning champ Dale Creasy Jr. in the final round and even though he ran a quicker 4.962 elapsed time to Creasy's 4.977, with the holeshot advantage Creasy got the victory by only .049 of a second, a margin of only a few feet. "I'm kicking myself in the butt right now, I know what happened. I had just heard about John Force's accident in Dallas and I just couldn't put that out of my head. I was cutting good lights all weekend and when it counted I just didn't react the way I should have, I didn't have a bad light, Creasy was just better off the line." Gilbertson said. "We had the quicker and faster car but the driver didn't do his job on the starting line and I've got nobody to blame but myself. I really feel bad for Tommy (Delago, crew chief) and the team, I feel like I let them down as they gave me a car that I could win with and I just plain screwed up, I'm not going to dwell on it, just go to the next race and we'll do the best we can." "All I can say is that we'll go to the IHRA President's Cup Nationals this weekend in Maryland and race to win," Gilbertson added. "I really like the track as I ran my career best elapsed time there last year so I'm looking for good results this weekend and hopefully if all goes right a win."