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Bob Gilbertson
Nickname: Gilby

Date of birth: 4/7/55

Hometown: Gastonia, NC

Position: Owner/Driver

Racing Background: Began NHRA career in 1976, at the age of 21, campaigning Alcohol Funny Cars in the Northwest. Finished second in the NHRA Division Six Funny Car point standings.
Read Bob's Full Bio here.

Hobbies: Gilbertson's hobbies include playing his guitar and drums. He relaxes by going fishing and riding his dirt bike.

Family: Gilbertson has three children, Rob (9/15/76), Sandy Ann (10/3/84), and Jake (9/17/94).

Favorite Food: Whatever is on my diet.

Kevin Fenstermaker

Kevin Fenstermaker
Nickname: Kevinsan

Date of birth: 1/5/72

Hometown: Palm City, Florida

Position: Car Chief/Clutches

Hobbies: Dirt Bike Riding, Golf

Marital Status: Single

Racing Background: Graduated with honors from Paul Smith's Drag Racing School, has worked for Terminator Motorsports since 1999

Favorite Food: Anything that's edible

Jep Trammell

Jep Trammell
Nick Name: Jepster

Date of birth: 9/17/69

Hometown: Dayton, Ohio

Position: Body, tires, clutch assistant, truck driver

Racing background: Crewed fro Barry Grant's Pro Stock team 2005 - 2007

Family: Father Jep Sr. and mom Mary Ann

Hobbies: Baseball, Basketball

Favorite Food: Hamburgers and French Fries

Dan Geiselman
Dan Geiselman�
Nickname: Cotton

Date of birth: 10/9/80

Hometown: Brian, Ohio��

Position: Blowers/Ignition

Racing background:�Worked as a line mechanic at a Ford dealership since he was 16 years-old.� Crewed for Mark Pawak's Pro stock team from 2006 to present.

Hobbies: Drag racing, skiing

Family: Single�

Favorite food: Lasagne
Jake Gilbertson Jake Gilbertson
Nickname: Hamburgler

Date of birth: 9/17/94

Hometown: Gastonia, NC

Racing Background: Team Trick Tank's lead MX rider, Jake has been steadly rising in the Motocross standings. For more go to: www.jakegilbertson.com

Hobbies: Skateboarding, hanging with my friends and setting off fireworks.

Family: Son of Bob and Sally. Brother Rob (9/15/76) and Sister Sandy Ann (10/3/84)

Favorite Food: See my nickname...

Rob Gilbertson Rob Gilbertson
Nickname: Rob Dog

Date of Birth: 9/15/76

Hometown: Harrisburg, NC

Position: Anything on engine

Racing Background: Been around drag racing since I was born. Worked on drag team full-time for two years. Team manager for Trick Tank motocross team.

Hobbies: Toughman fights, riding dirt bikes, fishing.

Family: Wife Kristen, son Luke "Kong" 15 months old

Favorite Food: Steak
Rich Singer

Rich Singer
Nick Name: Pirate

Date of birth: 4/7/57

Hometown: Brooklyn, N.Y.

Position: Graphics/photographer

Racing background: NASCAR photographer

Family: Single

Hobbies: Photography/Fishing/playing bass Guitar

Favorite food: Italian

Ed Preston Ed Preston
Nickname: Edzo

Date of Birth: 8/18/49

Hometown: Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Position: Team Chef/Utility

Hobbies: Sport Fishing/Cooking

Maritial Status: Married

Racing Background: Long time Division 1 racer. Crewed for Paul Blevin's Pro Stock in the 70's. Campaigned open-wheel asphalt car in the 80s.

Favorite Food: Fresh fish that I catch myself.

Ron Hammel

Ron Hammel
Nick Name: Fast Ron or Huh Man

Date of birth: 02/11/1931

Hometown: Lancaster, CA

Position: Part Owner

Racing Background: Been around racing since the early 50's , has run a 6000+ HP Engine Dyno for over 40 years, helped many record setting race cars like the Summer's Brothers to go 425.9 mph for the land speed record in 1965. He's done countless hours of research & development on race engines running gas, diesel, alcohol, nitrous oxide and nitromethane. Was the originator and the first person/company (10,000 RPM, Inc.) to manufacture nitrous injection kits for racing. Partner with Dale Armstrong during the early part of his career.

Family: Son, Rick Hammel and Daughter, Becky Hammel-Peters, they both work at 10,000 RPM, Inc in the family run business.

Hobbies: Nitro racing, HAM Radio and Riding 4x4 Quads.

Favorite Food: Greek Salad

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