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Team Trick Tank MX team returns to Asheville, N.C. Dec. 28-29
CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- While most kids of all ages will be playing with their new toys the week after Christmas, Team Trick Tank MX riders Jake Gilbertson, Josh Harris and Jim Chester will spend the week practicing at the team's test tracks in Blacksburg, S.C. in preparation for the Victory Sports Arenacross in Asheville, N.C. on December 28-29. The fourth member of the "4 Js", Justin Hopson, won't be racing as he's got a cast on his wrist that will keep him off his bike but he'll be there to support his teammates. Gilbertson will be racing in three classes, 85 cc, Super Mini and Schoolboy, Harris will be running the 125 and 250 classes and who knows how many classes Chester will enter as the 36 year-old rider, who is the coach/mentor of the team, likes to race in a variety of classes against riders half his age. Team owner Bob Gilbertson has a lot of confidence in the team and has high hopes of success next weekend. "The guys have been riding just about every evening preparing for Asheville," Gilbertson said. "Jimmy has been working on helping Jake, Josh and Justin build up their endurance and I've already seen the results as they are riding more laps that they have in the past." For more information on Team Trick Tank go to: www.jakegilbertson.com