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Autolite/Prestone elect not to renew Gilbertson's sponsorship
CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- After many months of negotiations, Bob Gilbertson announced that after five years of support from the Honeywell Consumer Products Group, he will go into the 2008 drag racing season without Autolite and Prestone as associate sponsors. "To start off I'd like to thank all the folks at Honeywell for the past five years," Gilbertson said. "Although they didn't give us primary sponsorship dollars over the years we gave them the side of the car with hopes that our relationship would grow into a marketing partnership that would allow this team to grow and compete with all the multi-car teams out there. There are a lot of new people at the top of Honeywell CPG and they haven't finalized their budget yet for 2008. From what I was told they will keep one car out there along with the Hispanic marketing program they started in 2007. Their decision not to support us this year was a big letdown for this team. We will continue to race in 2008 but will cut back on the number of races we enter and we'll concentrate on the IHRA series and limited NHRA events." "To say I'm disappointed would be an understatement but this was a business decision and being in business myself sometimes you have to make tough decisions," Gilbertson added. "Our mission now is to get out there and beat the bushes for a new marketing partner to help us achieve our goals and get out there on a full-time basis."