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Tradicion Azul & Texas Motorplex Serve Up Sponsorship Deal for Remainder of 2008 season.

Ennis, TX -- Extraordinario Brands has signed a partnership with Texas Motorplex that will brand Tradicion Azul 100% blue agave tequila as an “official spirit” of the Texas Motorplex through the end of the 2008 racing season. Tradicion Azul is in the midst of a statewide retail brand launch in Texas and with Extraordinario Brand’s current involvement with Bob Gilbertson’s Nitro Funny Car, the deal made excellent business sense.

“ We are really looking forward to our involvement with Texas Motorplex,” said Jay Pennington, Managing Director of Extraordiario Brands. “ Tradicion Azul tequila is a premium, 100% blue agave tequila that is specifically geared toward mixing the perfect margarita. Texas Motorplex is one of premium drag racing venues in the country, so expanding our brand awareness and having our product available to drag racing fans in the Southwest is very, very exciting.”

Pennington also added that his 109 proof tequila seems like a good fit with the super-powered world of drag racing. "These cars run on high-octane nitromethane and Tradicion Azul, being 109 proof, is the high-octane tequila that's perfect for fans of the fastest racing in the world". It's made for mixing into popular Tequila drinks like Margaritas and Tequila Sunrises and a little goes a long way for the hottest margaritas on the planet.

Independent concessionaires will be serving Tradicion Azul 100% blue agave tequila in all frozen and on- the-rocks margaritas sold at Texas Motorplex during feature race events and concerts this season. Tradicion Azul will also garner stadium signage, POS materials, sponsorship of event on-site bar areas at the facility and in-market promotional support in DFW area restaurants & bars promoting both the Tradicion Azul brand and responsible drinking.

“We are very proud and honored that Extraordinario Brands chose Texas Motorplex to help launch their Tradicion Azul brand in Texas,” said Arthur O’Bright, General Manager of Texas Motorplex , home to the 2008 NHRA O’Reilly Super Start Batteries Fall Nationals September 18-21. “As a new product in our market, we are excited about the opportunity to boost awareness to our very supportive fans.”

The signature cocktail at Texas Motorplex will be the TRADICION AZUL premium Margarita:
1 part Tradicion Azul 100% blue agave Blanco Tequila

2 part premium triple sec

2 part fresh lime juice

Serve blended with ice for frozen or over ice. Garnish with a fresh lime wedge.

Poured into a salt rimmed vessel

About Tradicion Azul Tequila:

Tradicion Azul tequila truly evolved from a search for the margarita’s ideal tequila companion—One made for mixing premium margaritas. Tradicion Azul Tequila is made from 100% pure, estate grown, blue Agave from the highlands of Los Altos in Jalisco, Mexico and is one of the highest quality extra-premium Tequilas on the market. For more information visit www.tradicionazul.com